We have made OnePay accounts even safer

We have implemented further security features for customers when signing in to their ‘My OnePay’ App or Portal. 

We promised to add more security features to the ‘My OnePay’ app to help protect our cardholders from fraud and that is exactly what we have done. We have now introduced biometric logins to verify cardholders are who they say they are when completing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). In future, cardholders can use their mobile phone’s fingerprint or Face ID functionality to log in to the ‘My OnePay’ app.

At OnePay we take our cardholders security and keeping their hard-earned wages safe very seriously. We are also always keen to keep up to date with innovative technological developments and endeavour to take advantage of that to benefit our cardholders. We have therefore been working hard over the past few months to increase the security for our cardholders when they transact and access their OnePay account online. We all know that relying on passwords alone is risky. So, we have introduced what is known as Strong Customer Authentication, which means our cardholders have the option of enabling their biometric data (fingerprint or face ID) to access their OnePay account online. This in return will make it much harder for a fraudster to access a cardholder’s account should any of their personal details become compromised” said Jayme Clarkson, Senior Compliance Manager at OnePay.

We have also enabled open banking; this is an exciting innovation that aims to give cardholders more ownership over their account information. This is done by allowing them to securely share their transaction data with banks and regulated Third-Party Providers (otherwise known as TTP’s). 

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