We're switching from Visa to Mastercard®!

We're switching from Visa to Mastercard and to support this transition, our issuer will no longer be Raphaels Bank. Instead, the OnePay card and account will be issued by PSI-Pay Limited.

The first step towards our move is already in place and we have started to issue the new OnePay Mastercard. This means that anybody that has applied for a OnePay card since 5th July, will have received a card with the Mastercard logo rather than the Visa logo. 

Our new Mastercard is in circulation and after January 2020 we will no longer be supporting the OnePay Visa Prepaid Cards. Which means on 29th January 2020 we will be closing all OnePay payroll accounts and deactivating the prepaid cards associated with those accounts. But don't worry, if you have a Visa card you can still receive your wages by switching to the new OnePay Mastercard!

Why should you switch? 

If you decide to make the switch, you'll continue to benefit from the features you know and love such as an Online Portal and multilingual telephone service. But you'll also have access to exclusive functionality that has never been offered before such as: 

  Visa  Mastercard
Access to online portal
Access to automated telephone service
Access to in-house native speakers
Ability to download statements (up to 6 months)
Ability to lock card 
Contactless card 
Access to 'My OnePay' app 
Access to multilingual online portal
Ability to make transfers to OnePay Select customers in-app/online portal
Ability to turn contactless transactions on/off
Ability to turn overseas transactions on/off 
Ability to turn online shopping transactions on/off
Ability to download statements (over 6 months)
Ability to see spend breakdown by category
Access PIN reminder in-app/online portal 

If you switch to Mastercard not only will you have access to the benefits outlined above, but you'll also be able to access our new and improved packages, allowing you to pick the best plan for your needs. 

We've tailored our packages to suit you. Now instead of choosing from four different price plans, you have a choice of three simplified plans. 

  1. Pay as you go - if you choose this package you only need to pay for what you have used, great if you don't like to use your card much 
  2. Active - at just £9.00 a month this package allows you to make 5 ATM withdrawals a month and receive loads into your account at no extra cost. If you receive multiple payments into your account each month, this could be the package for you. 
  3. ActivePlus - only £14.00 a month and lets you make a whopping 20 ATM withdrawals a month, perfect if you like to carry cash 

To ensure we can provide you with the best package, functionality and service possible we have had to slightly increase some fees within each package. If you'd like a reminder of the fees and packages which were available on Visa, you can find them here or to find out more about our new simplified packages, click here

Like the sound of the OnePay Mastercard? 

Great, switching is free and should only take a few minutes. Simply download the 'My OnePay' app (on Android or iOS) or visit the new Online Portal and follow the on-screen instructions to make the switch. Make sure you have the following details with you: 

  • Your customer number 
  • Your date of birth 
  • Your recent contact details (including your address, phone number and email address) 

Click below to get the app now: 


Don't want to switch? 

That's okay, but you won't be able to use your card after the 29th January 2020. Until then you can either spend the remaining balance or cash-out.  

Please note: for any cash out requests to an international account up to and including the 29th January 2020, a charge of £10 will still apply. This is in line with your existing Terms and Conditions

If you don't spend or cash out the funds by 29th January 2020 your OnePay payroll account will be closed and your prepaid card will be deactivated. This is in accordance with clause 7(e) of our Terms and Conditions. However, as outlined in clause 10 (e) your funds will be available for redemption for 6 years or until 29th January 2026. 

If you'd like to use a OnePay card again in the future simply apply for a new card through your employer or agency!