Worried about how Brexit will affect the way you use your OnePay card? 

The outcome of Brexit may still be uncertain but what happens to your OnePay card and account is not.

It doesn't matter if the result of Brexit is deal or no-deal, your OnePay card and account will continue to work exactly as they do now. Meaning you can continue to enjoy the benefits of OnePay whatever the outcome!


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Since 2007, we've been giving workers a fast, easy and efficient way to get wage payments when they're in the UK.

When you open an account with us we will give you a OnePay card and account, access to a multilingual online account and automated telephone service so you can manage your money at any time, day or night. 

Getting a OnePay account is easy as you can sign up through your OnePay approved employer or agency. We don't perform credit checks which means we can process your application quickly and you can start making the most of your account without delay.

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As you may have heard, we're moving from Visa to Mastercard® which means the OnePay card will now be issued by PSI-Pay Limited instead of Raphaels Bank. Therefore your OnePay Visa Prepaid Card will be closing on 29th January 2020. But don't worry, you can still receive your wages by switching to the new OnePay Mastercard. 

Why should you switch?
If you move to Mastercard you'll still have access to the features you already use as well as benefiting from:

  • A contactless card
  • A brand new multilingual online portal 
  • Exclusive access to the 'My OnePay' app

If you would like to find out more before making the switch, click here

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* Please note: a charge of £10 will still apply for any cash out requests to an international account up to and including the date of account closure. This is in line with your existing Terms and Conditions

If you don't spend or cash out the funds by the date of account closure your OnePay payroll account will be closed and your prepaid card will be deactivated. This is in accordance with clause 7(e) of our Terms and Conditions. However, as outlined in clause 10 (e) your funds will be available for redemption for 6 years or until 29th January 2026.