Myths and realities about modern slavery

As a company, we prioritise the issue of modern slavery, which unfortunately still persists. Our efforts are focused on safeguarding our cardholders from this crime. We also want to dispel misconceptions about modern slavery and provide a general understanding of the current situation. 

Myth Reality 
If a person doesn’t try to escape from an exploitative situation, they’re not being coerced. There are many reasons why someone may not leave, such as fear, vulnerability, Stockholm syndrome, lack of knowledge, belief in promises, fear of violence or witchcraft, and not knowing how to get help. So staying in such a situation doesn’t necessarily mean they’re willing or not coerced. 
UK nationals cannot be victims of modern slavery. It can happen to UK citizens, and it has happened before. It does not depend on the person’s nationality. 
Human trafficking only happens across borders. It can happen within a country as well. 
Modern slavery is acceptable in some cultures. Abusers may use culture as an excuse for modern slavery or human trafficking, but it’s a crime in the UK, and child modern slavery is considered child abuse, not a cultural issue. 
It cannot occur between family members, spouses, cohabitants, or lovers. Exploitative people often use close relationships to control and exploit others. This is especially true in cases of child modern slavery, where boyfriends have groomed women and children for sexual exploitation, and family members have colluded in exploitation, intentionally or unintentionally. 
If a person says they have a better life than before, they are not a victim of modern slavery. Some individuals may view their situation as a means of improving their future prospects and compare it favourably to their past experiences. However, this does not preclude them from being a victim of modern slavery. 
Rejecting an offer of help means the person is not a victim of modern slavery. It’s common for victims to reject initial offers of help, which is not unique to modern slavery victims. 

       Virgil Dumitru , Fraud Manager at OnePay 

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