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How to register on the ‘My OnePay’ App

How to reset your password on the ‘My OnePay’ App

How to change your passcode on the ‘My OnePay’ App

How to make a UK Money Transfer on the “My OnePay” App

How to download your OnePay statement on the ‘My OnePay’ App

How to find your OnePay card PIN on the ‘My OnePay’ App

How to become a Select Customer on the ‘My OnePay’ App

Additional FAQs

For new customers

You will need: 

Your customer number 
Your date of birth 
and: Your registered mobile phone number, in the absence of a registered mobile number, communication shall be directed to the provided email address.
After you provide all three of these things an SMS One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to you via your registered mobile number or a One Time Password to the E-mail address to confirm your identity. You will then be asked to create a memorable password only known by you. 

You can change which notifications you receive from us on your OnePay app. With notifications enabled, you’ll receive alerts when you spend money and when money is loaded onto your account.

To turn on/off notifications on the app:

Log in to the ‘My OnePay’ app with your customer ID and password.
Click the 3 dots at the bottom of the app to get to the menu, then select ‘Notification settings’.
Toggle all notifications, or push and email notifications individually from here.

Keep in mind that…

To receive notifications, you need to have mobile data enabled. When abroad you will only receive notifications when you have roaming enabled or connect to Wi-Fi. You may be charged for roaming services, so please check with your mobile network. 
If you delete and reinstall the app, or log in on a new device, your notifications will automatically be turned on. 

If you need additional help

Please visit our Help Center.

Help Center
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