OnePay are proud sponsors of the National Fruit Show’s Education Programme

Having worked within the industry for over 13 years we see this as a fantastic opportunity to give something back and we are delighted to be working with the National Fruit Show’s Education Programme. The Education Programme can’t be missed on the roads thanks to their new branded van nicknamed ‘Blossom’ which is sponsored by OnePay. The new van will help support the work of the Education Programme which is led by Sam Smith.

Sam, who leads the programme said “This van will give me greater access to schools and venues across the South East and beyond. Thanks to OnePay’s generous sponsorship we’ll be able to reach a greater number of young people with our fun lessons all about apples, farming and healthy eating.”

The programme offers free workshops to young people, including colourful characters and hands on activities to children in KS1/KS2 through providing careers advice in the fruit industry to students using VR technology. These workshops combine fun with learning and can be tailored to suit what is being taught in the classroom whether the focus is on science (the life cycle of the apple tree), geography (where does our food come from?) or healthy eating (why is fruit good for you?). Children have the opportunity to taste British fruit when it is in season and out of season as well as try snacks such as apple crisps and fruit leathers.

Alison McPhail, Head of Client Relationships and Sales from OnePay said “The Education Programme deserves our support in this way because it means Sam can easily travel to workshops and events and reach those who may not yet have taken part in one of her excellent workshops. The National Fruit Show and its Education team both care about making sure the fruit industry is secure in the future. This is our contribution to that cause.”

For more information on The National Fruit Show’s Education Programme click here.

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