Currency conversion charges

Using your card outside of the UK

If you plan on using your OnePay Card outside of the UK to pay for items in shops or withdraw cash from an ATM in a currency different to that of your card, which is GBP, then unless you’ve asked the ATM or card-terminal provider to do the currency conversion, you may come across some charges.

What you’re charged depends on three things: 

⏺ the Mastercard® currency conversion rate –the exchange rate applied by Mastercard which is set daily
⏺ the OnePay Card Fee – the relevant transaction fee for undertaking a non-GBP ATM withdrawal or card purchase
⏺ the OnePay foreign currency conversion fee (“OnePay FX markup %”)

The relevant OnePay Card Fee and the OnePay foreign currency conversion fee mentioned above can be found in the attached list of our fees and charges.
All Banks, Building Societies and e-money providers are required to enable their customers to compare the rates being applied to their transaction with the rates published by the European Central Bank (ECB).

How it works:

The tables below show: 

1. the non-sterling transaction amount 
2. the conversation rate used by OnePay to convert the transaction to GBP sterling
3. the OnePay Card fee you will be charged for making the transaction
4. how the OnePay currency conversion charge compares to the ECB reference rate.

Currency conversion

The OnePay rate can be calculated using the MasterCard Currency Converter Calculator which is a useful tool to check foreign exchange rates directly from Mastercard so you can see how much you would be spending in your desired currency.  When it asks you for the “bank fee” use the current FX markup rate, which is currently set to 2.79%.

Keep in mind…..

Exchange rates can change every day. These tables are just a guide. They were last updated on 19th January 2024 using: 

⏺ Mastercard’s exchange rate for that day  
⏺ the ECB reference rate for that day 

Mastercard will convert your payment using their currency conversion rate which applies on the day they receive your transaction details for processing. The rate may not be the same as the one that applied on the day you made the card transaction. If this happens, the currency conversion charges will be different. 

The latest OnePay FX markup percentage is 2.79%, please see section 15 of the OnePay Terms & Conditions for a full list of charges which apply to your account.

Currencies that apply
⏺ Euro
⏺ Bulgarian Lev
⏺ Croatian Kuna
⏺ Czech Koruna
⏺ Danish Krone
⏺ Hungarian Forint
⏺ Polish Zloty
⏺ Romanian Leu
⏺ Swedish Krona
⏺ Swiss Francs
⏺ Norwegian Krona
⏺ Icelandic Krona

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