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You can use OnePay if you have one worker or 1,000 workers. If you’d like to find out more about our services register your interest and we’ll get back to you.

On average it takes 7 days to register you as an approved OnePay agency or employer and start to create OnePay accounts for your workers.

Once you have received a fully completed application form and you have sent the application over to us, you can have an account number and sort code within 24 hours.

No. You can pay your workers just as you would if they had a UK bank account.

Your worker will need to fill in an application form with you, once this form is completed just send it over to us and we’ll do the rest.

Any of your workers that have the right to work in the UK are eligible to apply for a OnePay for you account.

We want your workers to understand the benefits of OnePay and know how their account works, which is why we create leaflets and guides in multiple languages. To find out more about the printed material we can give you, call us on 0113 320 1464 or email us at [email protected].

No, credits check are not a requirement.

We are a recognised service partner of the Association of Labour Providers (ALP), you can find out more about them here.

The OnePay card is issued by PSI-Pay Ltd pursuant to a license by Mastercard® International Incorporated. PSI-Pay Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (register reference 900011) for the issuing of electronic money.


Our in-house translators speak Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Bulgarian.

Payments are sent electronically, just like your other wage payments.

Yes, workers can usually access their wages 30 minutes after we have received the funds (provided the payment was made via BACS).

Your worker will have to call 0113 320 1900 then choose the activation and PIN management option to activate their card. There will be a series of prompts for them to follow, once they have passed security their OnePay card will be activated, and they will hear their PIN.
Workers can also activate their card on the ‘My OnePay’ App or Online Portal.

There a few ways workers can check if they have been paid. They can check at an ATM, log in to the ‘My OnePay’ App or Online Portal, or they can ring 0113 320 1900 for a balance check.

We want your workers to understand the benefits of OnePay and know how their account works, which is why we create leaflets and guides in multiple languages as well as providing them with an information pack when they sign up. To find out more about the printed information we can give you, call us on 0113 320 1461 or email us at [email protected]

If your worker has any queries about their OnePay account they can call 0113 320 1900 and our multilingual customer service team can advise them.

If your worker thinks their wages haven’t been paid into their account and you can confirm you have paid them then ask them to call 0113 320 1900, and we will endeavour to help.

If your worker suspects their card has been blocked they should contact our customer support team on 0113 320 1900 and we can investigate why.

If a OnePay customer thinks their card has been lost or stolen they should let us know immediately.
They should call 0113 320 1900 to report their card lost or stolen, and we will cancel the card immediately and have a new card sent out to them.
They can also temporary lock their card on the OnePay Online Portal and ‘My OnePay’ App.

We will always try to get cards to workers as soon as possible, however if they have not received their card and welcome letter 10 days after application call us on 0113 320 2900.

Your worker can access their PIN via the ‘My OnePay’ app or online portal. Alternatively, they can call our multilingual automated telephone service on 0113 320 1900.

You can remove the worker from your system, just as you would if they had a UK bank account.

Your worker may need to complete the first-time log in process or may have entered the wrong username or password. If they have completed first-time log in previously and/or updated their username or password and are still having trouble they can call our customer service team on 0113 320 1900 or email [email protected], and we’ll help them to fix the problem.

Primary Customer Status

If we do not have contact details, we cannot warn the customer that their 12 month anniversary is approaching. Upon the Primary status coming to an end, although you will still be able to pay wages into the workers account, the worker’s card will be suspended until they can provide ID to become a Select customer

No. You will not need to open a new account, but the worker will need to provide ID in order to become a Select customer upon their return if the account was opened more than 12 months ago.

No. If a worker wants to continue using their card beyond 12 months, they must provide ID to become a Select customer.

We contact all Primary customers that we hold contact details for, to advise they are approaching their 12 month anniversary. Primary customers have access to an account for 12 months. If they want to continue using the account after 12 months, they need to become a Select customer.

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