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“OnePay made it very easy for us to assist our staff in their applications whilst also giving them control of their own accounts with the translation services they offer. From our perspective the process to assist our staff became very easy which definitely benefits both the Company and its employees. We always have accounts for new employees set up and in place ahead of payroll days and as the vast majority of our workers return season after season, it is good to know we can assist in replacement cards as and when they inevitably go astray between Employments.

One huge benefit to our staff is the ability to cash cheques. A lot of employees in the past struggled to bank their repayments of overpaid tax as they are often issued as a cheque and prior to OnePay most of our international staff were having to rely on wages cards which did not, in our experience, offer the service of cashing cheques. Now all we have to do is post them off to OnePay and our staff get their cheques cashed straight into their personal accounts.

In most recent times OnePay have assisted staff in producing statements of their wage payments dating back to when we started work with them in 2018 in the hope this will assist individuals in their settlement applications to GOV.UK who on occasion request bank statements as evidence of residency. We would highly recommend using OnePay to assist staff struggling to set up bank accounts in the UK. They make it very easy for you and your employees.” 

A W Mortier (Farms) Ltd

Agriculture & Seasonal Workers

“OnePay has been excellent to work with so far. Their training was quick and informative, their software is easy to navigate, and their customer service is exceptional. They have dealt with any start up queries or issues in a timely manner. We would absolutely recommend OnePay. In comparison to other services we have used in the past, OnePay’s fees are better, customer service is first class and the turn around time for issuing bank cards is superior.

We appreciate that we can pick up the phone or email Alison and she is always friendly and actively goes out of her way to help- and if she can’t, she passes us to someone else who deals with us rapidly. The portal is easy to use and is set up to make activating and managing new bank accounts a smooth process.”

We Solutions


“We recruit for seasonal and temporary workers in warehouses and the logistics industry across the country; some workers return to us in busy seasons and it’s important that we can pay them safely and swiftly. RSLUK began using OnePay for business in 2017, I even use it myself!

I’m in charge of inductions which is when I get workers up and running on OnePay; it’s helpful that I have first-hand experience to help with any initial queries.”

The Resourcing Specialists Limited


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