Since 2007, we've been giving workers a fast, easy and efficient way to get wage payments when they're in the UK.

With a OnePay card and account, you'll receive access to a multilingual Online Portal, app and automated telephone service so you can manage your money at any time, day or night.

Getting a OnePay account is easy as you can sign up through your OnePay approved employer or agency. We don't perform credit checks which means we can process your application quickly and you can start making the most of your account without delay.

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Quick and
Easy Set Up

Setting up an account is easy, simply fill in an application form, hand it to your agency or employer and we’ll do the rest.

Multilingual  Telephone Service

Use this service 24/7 to get quick access to your balance, PIN or report your card lost or stolen.

Online P

Log in to your Online Portal to manage your money from your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Instant Notifications

If you would like to receive a notification each time you make a transaction, download the ‘My OnePay app’.

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How to apply for a OnePay card and account

Is your agency or employer an approved OnePay agent?

Yes  - Apply through your agency or employer.

No - Ask your agency to call OnePay to discuss becoming an approved OnePay agent.

I don't know - Register your interest below and we'll be in touch.

If your agency is an approved OnePay agent, your account will be set up and your card will be posted out to you once we have received your application form from your agency.  

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